An accident and a new start

On the first dawn of 2019, I have experienced a fire at my home. The fire was not a major one, but it caused no less destruction otherwise.

It’s been a hard time for me and my whole family, as we were busy cleaning up, moving out and started renovating our home. It was Chinese New Year (CNY) in early February, unless if we can get a quick fix before end of January, otherwise we will have to wait until March before we can move back in, as most of the workers shall rest for at least 2 weeks for the CNY.

We are very grateful to have our neighbor, who are willing to take the up the challenge and have my home fixed in 3 weeks time.

We are very lucky to have a kin who took us in during this difficult moment. And I took an opportunity to use minimum supply and created a few projects during this period, which testified that creativity and hard times are not mutually exclusive. (Smile)

I shall post the projects here later on in another post.

Taking the opportunity, I finally am able to have a desk of my own, so that I can have my own corner of inspiration. Although I am still on my way to have my creative corner fixed, I have decided to start, in this 2019, the 1 kit 10 Cards challenge using the HeroArt My Monthly Hero Card Kit. Mind you, as I am in far east Asia, it usually takes an extra 2 weeks time for me to get my kit. I hope that nobody would be bothered by the delay of time.

I am not sure if I can stagger to complete this objective all through 2019, but isn’t it great to start out an objective (that one have always wanted to do) for a new year? Last year, I started this blog as my new year wish, even though my frequency of updating this blog is not very often, it still makes me happy to have a place to post my creation and I am really happy that I have started this blog. Let’s hope for the best and see what is going to happen with this 1 kit 10 card challenge in mind.

I wish everyone a belated happy new year, and all the best in the year of Pig.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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