Welcome Back – Concord & 9th

June was a busy month, even when I did have my vacation during the last 2 weeks of June.

But you know, we have always missed out something during our busy daily life. When other than your vacation period is the best time to make up all those gaps and missing pieces?

Now that I’ve learned that vacation is not all about going to visit all those different places, but an opportunity to taste “life”. That includes spending time with an old friend, doing some serious housework, rereading a book to find out those details that you have missed out and enjoying some time consuming hobby that it is impossible to steal time doing under normal circumstances.

Now that I’ve resume to the hustle bustle of a busy life, making card is the only and final escape that remains. And is time for me to welcome, not only myself, but a colleague who has been enduring a long term sick leave to resume work.

I hope that this tri-fold card would encourage him to get back on his feet.

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