Tomorrow is too late…Time is now

2018 get passed quickly.  It seems that we just had our new year’s eve dinner yesterday, but the truth is, February has silently arrived.

Starting a blog to share the craft work I made has been in my mind for quite a while, but there are always excuses to not taking actions,  so the thought has been thrown to the back of my mind. Now, there gone 2017 and the first month of 2018.

There was a saying that when one gets older, the brian started to deteriorate and is less able to remember details, which is the reason causing a person to feel that time get passed quicker then it has been when they were younger.  Yesterday, I suddenly realised that time passed so quickly, and if I still take no action, I will be wasting, yet, another year.

So here I am, setting up a blog when youth still exist. I have no idea who is going to read this blog, but I would still like to say hi to you strangers. Or it would be nice if you’d leave me a message and let me get to know you.

Anyway,  let’s see how far we can go. Feel free to get around and let’s look forward to what will be on this blog.

~ Karen